Hospitalility is a fundamental value for the Benedictine Order and the Rules say the following about it:

“Welcome all arriving guests like Christ himself.”

Ennek szellemiségében hozták létre a Főapátsághoz tartozó Pausa cukrászdát. A vendéglátóegység az ideérkezők felé hivatott képviselni a bencés értékrendet, mindez pedig megmutatkozik a letisztult építészeti megoldásokban és a minőségi, különleges süteményekben is.

Viator Rendezvényközpont

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The Pausa Archabbey Café

The Pausa Archabbey Café was opened in summer 2014, under the auspices of the Viator Archabbey Restaurant, where we hope to develop the confectionery and café culture in Pannonhalma and in its wider environment along similar principles as those of the restaurant itself. The Pausa Archabbey Café is also special because of its wonderful “inverse panorama” in which guests have a view of the archabbey building and St. Martin hill where the monastery stands.

There is a real bakery in the pastry shop. Desserts are seasonal and created with the herbs grown in the herbal garden of the archabbey. In addition to the French line produced from the outset, it is important to also offer traditional Hungarian flavours. Confectioner chef Renáta Puska and her team prepare such specialties as Lavender Mille Feuille or Pausa cakes with this in mind.

Travellers who wish to have a short break during their outing in Pannonhalma, and all lovers of quality gastronomy are welcome in our pastry shop to enjoy our quality cakes made with natural ingredients, coffee, tea and traditional Benedictine hospitability. As its name suggests, Pausa offers a little break for its guests, one in which they can experience the convergence of a thousand-year-old history with the present, both in terms of flavours and attitudes embraced in this World Heritage environment.

The peaceful and unrivalled view from the court is often coloured by musical and gastronomical events, and a vibrant cultural life is a permanent guest at the Pausa pastry shop.

Omnibus Bistro

The self-service Omnibus Bistro on the ground floor of the Viator Restaurant offers quick meals for hikers arriving at Pannonhalma. The Bistro offers seasonally varied ‘street food’ style dishes to our guests. From Spring onwards, you can enjoy a freshly-cooked lunch on the sunny terrace, which is a perfect pitstop during your excursion to Pannonhalma.

Teahouse and Souvenir Shop

The Teahouse and Souvenir Shop, where visitors can buy coffee, tea and a wide range of archabbey products, as well as artisan ice-cream in the summer season, is cradled in the arms of the Archabbey herb garden. The Teahouse offers you a little rest from your walk around the botanic garden or the herb garden, and a range of choices from local specialities such as lavender soap, Pannonhalma Abbey beers or indeed wines from the archabbey winery.

The Castle Keep Café

Not only can you walk round the Archabbey on the monastery circular walk, but you can also refresh yourself with a coffee or some other beverage. As the last port of call on your visit to the monastery the café is a perfect choice if you wish to refresh yourself with a coffee or some other beverage before setting off on your journey home.

The Pannonhalma Archabbey Winery Terrace

When the spectacular building complex of the Archabbey Winery was developed, its surroundings were also landscaped. An area with decorative paving was constructed primarily for the temporary storage of marc from the pressing at the grape harvest. The wine tasting terrace was opened in the vicinity of this space in May 2005, and our guests can take in scenic views of the monastery's lavender plantations and the wonderful landscape towards the East while they enjoy delicious wines.

In addition to this opportunity to enjoy pleasant times and friendly wines, our outdoor tasting terrace, open from early May till the end of September if weather allows, also serves as an excellent place for private family or corporate events, civil weddings and other ceremonies or similar occasions events and ceremonies.