The first and perhaps most important step of wedding management is to find the perfect venue.

We are proud that weddings are increasingly frequently being held at the Pannonhalma Archabbey each year. Thanks to the special nature of the Archabbey it is able to be a universal wedding venue where everything can be conducted from the church and civil ceremonies through to the photoshoot and the reception following the wedding all at the same location.

Our event managers are available to compile the most ideal package of venues and services together with the engaged couple.

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Wedding venues

Venues for church ceremonies

Virgin Mary Chapel

The chapel is suitable for up to 80 people and is located a few hundred metres from the monastery complex on the hill near the Foliage educational path. There are three Baroque altars and a small 18th-century organ in the chapel. The chapel—originally built is Baroque style—was renovated in the Romantic style in 1865. The building, surrounded by shady trees and embedded in a natural environment, can serve as the venue for a homely, intimate ceremony


St. Martin’s Basilica is the heart of the Pannonhalma Archabbey and the live liturgical space for the community of Benedictine monks. It is simultaneously a sacral, historical and cultural space. The past and present come together in its clear spaces. It is one of the best-known and most popular venues for church ceremonies in the region.

Venues for civil ceremonies

Herbal Garden

An outdoor venue with a spectacular view of the Basilica tower and the Botanic Garden of the Archabbey. It is particularly recommended in June and July when the lavender plantations of the herb garden turn purple.

Botanic garden

The Pannonhalma Archabbey Botanic Garden is a site UNESCO World Heritage, where there are more than one thousand species of plants and almost 150 species of birds. In addition to the common woody plants and herbaceous plants there are special species like the rubber tree and ironwood, which are rare in Hungary. The Maze in the botanic garden or the area of the Summer Pavilion can also serve as a special venue for ceremonies.

The space in front of the Virgin Mary Chapel

This is an intimate, romantic venue for civil wedding ceremonies in the close vicinity of the chapel and surrounded by foliage. We recommend it to everyone whose church ceremony is held in the chapel.

The terrace of the Pannonhalma Archabbey Winery with a scenic panorama

One of our most popular venues for civil ceremonies. It has all the charm of a real wine terrace: outdoors but still has all necessary infrastructure. It has a wonderful atmosphere with a fantastic view of the Herbal Garden and the Botanic Garden. It is suitable for a standing reception following the ceremony with simplified catering options.

Viator Event and Conference Center

If you wish to have lunch or dinner after the ceremony in our event center, the Viator can offer a terrace with a panoramic view, upon request, as a venue for the civil ceremony. We recommend it to couples who wish to connect the venue of the ceremony and the reception afterwards.

Wedding dinner

The Pannonhalma Archabbey well-deserves its reputation for its commitment to catering.  The capacity of the Viator Event and Conference Center is 90 people for seated meals and 100 people for standing meals. The event hall has two separate spaces. Our event managers help each couple compile an individual menu for either their standing reception or seated dinner. We can provide catering services at the venues for civil ceremonies held at the Archabbey.

Wedding photoshoot

The Pannonhalma Archabbey has truly earned its popularity as a venue for engagement and wedding photoshoots. f the closeness of nature is a particular value and aspect in selecting the venue, then the Archabbey Botanic Garden and Herbal Garden will certainly not be a disappointment. The garden offers lots of romantic locations and photo opportunities in every season. In addition to the beauty of nature, the Archabbey is also famous for its unique panorama. The space in front of the Virgin Mary Chapel, the terrace of the Archabbey Winery or the Saint Maurus of Pécs look-out tower all offer unparallelled views and memorable photo opportunities. All the venues listed above can be rented as venues for photoshoots, irrespective of the venue for the ceremony.

Please, contact our colleagues about the details for renting venues.

Other services

Thank you gifts

We can compile a package of authentic Abbey products for guests arriving to wedding ceremonies upon request. All gifts are products of the Pannonhalma Archabbey and can be labelled personally upon request.

Narrow guage railway hire

We can transport 56 people at a time on a narrow guage railway on the Pannonhalma Archabbey site, to make the trip between the wedding venues smoother and more memorable for the guests.


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